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The Siebens Health Care Notebook simplifies caring for yourself or a loved one.

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Start using The Siebens Domain Management Model™ for a simple, comprehensive approach to handling patient care.

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Our mission is to directly address fragmented care through a practical, patient-centered management and tracking framework.

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"The Domains are a great leap forward, very very useful… easy to use and easy to adapt to the electronic records that are coming down the road… the initial database and the progress notes would all be in the format of the four domains."

–David H. Solomon MD MACP

RAND Corporation, California


"The Model offers improved care and outcomes because the whole interdisciplinary team is empowered to manage all aspects of current and long-term care. It’s an excellent means for managing patient care." "…A win-win for everyone."

–David S. Kusher MD

Clinical Professor, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Florida


"We can be running around, doing a lot, however missing the boat all together. It really simplifies to break items down into the SDMM™’s four domains. Addressing one issue at a time can help solve other issues simultaneously."

–Karen Connor PhD RN MBA

Health Services Researcher, UCLA & VA Los Angeles, Neurology, California



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