Introductory Call/Video Chat

A convenient place to start any inquiry. In a 15 to 30-minute introductory conversation, clients can get answers to questions and to learn how the SDMM™ or the Siebens Health Care Notebook might apply to their situation.


Dr. Siebens will personally visit your institution and work directly with a leadership team and specific clinicians to introduce the SDMM and/or Notebook concepts and collaborate with the client to consider possible SDMM applications.

SDMM/Notebook Training

Training session using blended-learning techniques to integrate the SDMM and/or the Notebook concepts into ongoing teaching/training programs.


Purchase access to a 20-minute introductory video covering an introduction to the SDMM, rationale for the system, up to date evidence, and how to explore SDMM applications within an organization.

The above methods allow exploration of SDMM experiences and applications, current practices, insights on possible modifications, and design of pilot projects to test improved care delivery ideas. Successful pilot projects can be scaled to meet specific needs.



All fees are designed to help implement the SDMM™ as efficiently as possible. The overall goal is the improvement of patient care by building on an organization’s existing strengths.

Each consultation is tailored to the client’s specific requirements. Please contact us for a quote that covers you or your organization’s needs.

Base rates are as follows:

  • $150/hr – for discussions with individual clinicians
    No charge for emails to schedule discussion times

  • $2500/day – for consulting with health care organizations
    No charge for reasonable telephone time to set up engagements

  • $2000/travel day, plus expenses – for in-person meetings

Speaking and lecture fees determined by setting.
SDMM licensing fees may apply depending on the application.

See Guidelines for SDMM use here for individual clinicians and for organizations.

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