SDMM Testimonials

We pride our work on real results from reliable sources. The Testimonials below describe actual positive experiences on the part of physicians and others after implementing The Siebens Domain Management Model™.

“I learned how to incorporate the SDMM™ progressively through discussions with Dr. Siebens. Now two years later I continue to actively use this framework in all my patient notes because I think it adds a great deal of value.”

W. Scott McDougal, MD, Walter S. Kerr Jr. Professor of Urology, Harvard Medical School, Chief of Urology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

“Use of the SDMM to improve interdisciplinary team communication and collaboration in patient care is a win-win for everyone.”  

David S. Kushner, MD, Clinical Professor, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine

“I think it is a great leap forward… Very, very useful and I should think it would be easy to use and easy to adapt to the electronic records that are coming down the road. …The idea would be that the initial database and the progress notes and follow-up visit notes would all be in the format of the four domains… Congratulations on a nice piece of thinking…”

David H. Solomon, MD, MACP, while working at the RAND Corporation

"We can be running around, doing a lot, however missing the boat all together. It really simplifies to break items down into the SDMM’s four domains. Addressing one issue at a time can help solve other issues simultaneously."

Karen Connor PhD, RN, MBA, Health Services Researcher, UCLA & VA Los Angeles, Neurology

“After learning about the SDMM and trying it out, I’ve adopted it. You don’t really appreciate what it does until you’ve tried it. I am using the model on a regular basis and it is working well for me. I really do think it has improved my follow-up visits so that I cover everything.”

Mel Glenn, MD, Director of Outpatient & Community Brain Injury Rehabilitation, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Boston, MA

“I just reviewed a physiatrist’s consult using your SDMM model. WOW! The documentation is so good. It was more thorough than I usually see. The assessment was comprehensive and identified active issues and those requiring monitoring. This format made the medical necessity for the patient’s rehabilitation clear. Personally, it made me feel that the physician was in touch with what was really going on in the patient.”

Lisa Werner Bazemore, Director of Consulting Services, Fleming-AOD/eRehabData, Washington, DC


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