The Siebens Health Care Notebook

“I have never seen anything like this, that has all the information organized in one place. This is great.”
–An Experienced Social Worker

The Notebook is organized, user-friendly, and patient-centered. Four sections from the evidence-based Siebens Domain Management Model™ guide the addition of information to the Notebook over time and as needed. 

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As a practical tool, The Notebook:

  • Keeps essential personal health information in one safe place (three ring binder)

  • Is ready for use during regular and emergency health care visits

  • Tracks information added or removed over time by patients, caregivers, and/or providers


  • Empowers patients, caregivers, and providers to partner more effectively

  • Helps doctors and health care providers offer patient-centered care and communicate effectively

  • Facilitates patient follow-through

  • Assists organizations in fulfilling accreditation standards

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“Dr. Siebens gave me back the power over my health care by giving me a Notebook. I had one place to keep everything from different doctors including lab tests. It was wonderful.”

–A Patient Newly On Medicare Insurance After Being Uninsured

“Dr. Siebens, with her Notebook, gave me the confidence to advocate for myself with my other providers. I was able to keep myself on a critical medication I needed to treat my HIV status. It likely saved my life.”

–A PATIENT with several medical problems


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The Siebens Health Care Notebook was developed and refined through two inpatient quality improvement projects published in 2001 and 2005. Two outpatient clinical programs are now using the Notebook with positive professional, patient, and family feedback.


The Notebooks are given as part of an outpatient class to help women being treated for breast cancer, who have mild thinking problems. The program has successfully utilized the Notebook for several years.


Siebens Health Care Notebooks are provided to patients in a clinical program of care coordination for individuals with Parkinson’s disease. Nurse managers customize each notebook and work with patients over the telephone. A 2015 study describing the research protocol of this program is available online.

See three initial studies from 2000 – 2005 using The Siebens Health Care Notebook concept.

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