Growth and Gratitude

Please enjoy this new website and the encouraging growth it represents. Since launching in 2005, our team has further developed a framework for managing health and care - the Siebens Domain Management Model™ (SDMM™).  It comprises 4 domains, each with a few sub-domains, structuring a simpler yet comprehensive approach to patient care. 

The framework offers a solution to the fragmentation of patient care among providers and settings. For patients, the Siebens Health Care Notebook, is organized by the same 4 SDMM domains. The Notebook makes it easy to track and use health care information.

Having never worked on the web, when launching in 2005 I feared that the site would collapse under a huge volume of traffic, distracting us from continuing to develop the model. Our world did not implode. Instead, these past years have involved detailed clinical research, project work with pioneering clients, learning the ropes of small business and effective online communication. 

Of course, there were many talks with myself: NGU (never give up)! And along the way, there have been many other professionals who helped me. I am extremely grateful to these people and organizations.



  • The late William T. Mooney Jr., consulting coach, who, starting in 2005, taught me about professional consulting, “You want a lot, don’t you?!” Yes. I believed that clients could follow my new concepts and practices. He saw my vision, predicted the years it would take to realize, and encouraged me, as do all great mentors.

  • My Advisory Board (you know who you are) provided advice from non-medical fields, even when my ideas appeared (and were) naïve. 

  • Dale Bell and Harry Wiland (Ashoka Fellows), at the Media Policy Center (Santa Monica, Ca.), encouraged me at critical moments to keep at it. 

  • SCORE (Orange County, Ca.) whose volunteer businessmen and women provided mentoring and education about running a small business.




  • Jim Kelton (Altius IT, Costa Mesa, Ca.), the steadfast webmaster who has had my back 1000% for 13 years.

  • Kristen Haff (KHWorks, Richmond, Va.) whose website refresh and redesign make it easier navigating for patients and professionals. 


  • Michael Baldwin (Michael Baldwin Executive Coaching, New York, NY.), an accomplished leader in corporate communications, applied the concepts of his book, Just Add Water, creating a storyline to communicate the core concepts of the SDMM. 



  • CARF International (Tucson, Az.) distributed the Siebens Health Care Notebook during its beta-testing years.

  • Paul McQueen (Allegra - Print Mail Signs, Tucson, Az.) carefully  produced both the first and now revised, Siebens Health Care Notebook, meeting all the “specs.”


  • Waleska Santiago and Martin Thiel (Media Policy Center, Santa Monica, Ca.) who produced a preliminary video and slideshow about our work. 

  • Zach Marion and Emma Kragen (Zemma Productions, Los Angeles, Ca.) who produced the video, “Introduction to the SDMM in Health Care."  Thanks to a client's suggestion, it is also used for teaching.  


And special gratitude to All My Clients whose pioneering spirits have added expertise to many pilot projects and successful scale-ups. Together we are growing practical evidence for the SDMM's value to patients, clinicians, and organizations. 

Kristen Haff