• Research results of a study with colleague Karen Connor PhD RN MBA and others are being written up (see published protocol HERE). The study uses both the Siebens Domain Management Model™(SDMM™) and the Siebens Health Care Notebook. Writing up these results is a lengthy and detailed process we don’t wish on anyone! It will feel so good once the article(s) get published.

  • I continue seeing patients one half day a week in a falls clinic, caring for adults with balance problems. The SDMM helps me document efficiently the different issues that the patient, family, and I decide to address. Patient follow-ups are then easier to manage because the information is clearly organized, touching on all aspects of the care.

  • The Siebens Health Care Notebook has been revised based on our research experience, has been produced, and distribution channels are being established.

  • Finishing touches are being made on a teaching video explaining the simplicity of the SDMM, the Health Care Notebook, and their evidence base. Included also is a brief overview on how providers and organizations can explore applying the SDMM in their specific setting to achieve more efficient, comprehensive, and time-saving communication. The video will be available for distribution by 2019.

  • The SDMM Communication Card, which lists all key four domains and sub-domains, continues to be downloaded from this website by interested individuals. (10.21.18 This Card is now called the SDMM Cue Card available to clients to help teach the SDMM.)

  • We are making presentations to a variety of clients. One is scheduled at a national workshop at the American Academy of Physical and Rehabilitation Annual Assembly in Orlando, Florida this October.

As the need for help in care management and care coordination increases among multiple sectors of health care delivery and in the design of electronic medical records, we remain strongly committed to sharing our work among an array of institutions and providers. As individuals or patients, and/or their families, seek tools to practically manage their health care information, we're committed to helping them through the Health Care Notebook.

So please stay tuned. We’ll keep you posted. 

Karen Connor, Eric Cheng, Hilary C Siebens, Martin L Lee, Brian S Mittman, David A Ganz, and Barbara Vickrey. Study protocol of “CHAPS”: a randomized controlled trial protocol of Care Coordination for Health Promotion and Activities in Parkinson’s disease to improve the quality of care for individuals with Parikinson’s disease. MBC Neurology 2015:258 OPEN ACCESS HERE

Christina Gleixner